Universal Broadband and Personal Data

Universal Broadband

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century we need to consider how technological advancements and access to information will continue to drive our society and economy. In many ways, this is an issue of equity. Education, utility bills, job and benefits applications, tele-medicine, voter registration, and many other services require broadband access – all essential to fully participate in society. Like water and electricity, fast and reliable broadband is a utility, and it should be regulated as such. In Congress, Marilyn will advocate for universal affordable broadband, focusing particularly on low-income, under-served, and rural communities.

Personal Data

Interconnectivity is essential to modern life, but there are significant downsides to our reliance on the Internet. One concern which the government has not sufficiently addressed is personal data rights. Users’ data is extremely valuable, and we should own it. Currently, private businesses have ownership. Marilyn supports legislation to treat personal data rights as property rights for people, which should benefit them financially if used for commercial purposes. She will work to increase transparency on personal data usage, how it is collected and how it is used.