Climate Change, Clean Air, and Clean Water

Criminal Justice Reform

Climate change is one of the most serious long-term threats to our nation and the world. As Mayor, Marilyn committed Tacoma to the Paris Climate Accord and supported the creation of an Environmental Action Plan. She launched a citywide community gardens initiative, which expanded into a county-wide program now with dozens of community gardens throughout the region. As chair of Pierce Transit and Vice Chair of Sound Transit, she worked tirelessly to expand bus and rail service and connect housing policies with transportation.

During Marilyn’s tenure, Tacoma developed a framework of actionable and attainable steps to meet its carbon reduction goals. Thanks to this framework, solar use increased by 26%, thousands of new electric vehicles were registered, the tree canopy increased, and water use was reduced by 10% in city-owned buildings. She also worked to restart the fish passage project at Howard Hanson Dam, increasing the water supply and opening up the Green River to double the spawning habitat for salmon in the Central Puget Sound.

In Congress, Marilyn will work with her colleagues to pass the recommendations put forward by the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, fight to stop Trump’s plan to expand offshore drilling, and work to increase funding for Puget Sound restoration. She will work to reinstate regulations on emissions and protections for our public lands and will advocate for rebuilding the EPA, especially offices and programs designed to track the health and environmental impacts of pollution in under-served communities. Marilyn will work to invest in renewable energy in pursuit of a carbon-free future so it is easier for consumers of energy and transportation to make better choices for clean air and clean water.