Marilyn Strickland for Congress

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A Proven Leader for the South Sound

The COVID-19 global pandemic has thrown our nation into a crisis, and the Trump Administration has failed us. Instead of first helping those who most need it, they are bailing out Wall Street and prioritizing wealthy campaign donors. The South Sound needs proven leadership to step up and meet this historic challenge. As the former Tacoma Mayor and a lifelong Democrat, I’m ready to lead Washington’s 10th Congressional District through this economic recovery and bring people together to create jobs, solve problems, and protect our middle class.

Rebuilding the south sound plan

Six-point Healthcare Plan

Meet Marilyn

I’m Marilyn Strickland, and it will be my honor to represent you in Congress in Washington’s 10th District. I was born in Seoul, South Korea. My father, who fought in World War II and Korea, met my mother while he was stationed there after the war. If elected to Congress, I will be the first African-American to represent Washington state at the federal level, and the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress in its 230-year history.

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