Building A More Inclusive Economy

Building an Inclusive Economy

Marilyn has spent her career advocating for jobs, opportunity, fairness, small businesses, and economic security for all people. She believes there is dignity in all work.

She knows every worker in America needs paid sick leave to take care of themselves, family members, and to isolate when they are sick without worrying about losing income or their job. She also recognizes that small businesses are an essential part of our recovery after the COVID-19 crisis; they employ half of all workers, drive innovation, and are cornerstones of our communities.

In Congress, Marilyn is fighting to build a more inclusive economy that works for all of us. She has championed infrastructure investments in transportation, utilities, and affordable housing, and voted for the bipartisan infrastructure package to create jobs and support workers. She knows that our caregivers and parents are the backbone of our economy, and has voted for permanent refundability of the Child Tax Credit, and key investments for our long-term care workforce to serve our seniors.

Marilyn supports a national paid family leave policy and will continue to work with labor to protect the right to organize and collectively bargain. As the nature of work changes, we must find ways to ensure that the basic needs of people can be met. Marilyn supports pilot programs to help develop a national strategy that will provide financial stability for people. She also supports expanding effective policies like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and registered apprenticeships. She will fight to secure equal pay for women and historically underrepresented communities.