Domestic Energy & Gas Prices

Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and horrific attack on Ukraine has caused turmoil in oil markets and gas prices to spike. Oil companies have exploited the supply crunch, which Putin has created by raising prices while refusing to increase production.

Marilyn understands and feels first-hand the pain that these high gas prices are having on families and small businesses across the South Sound. She has called on domestic oil companies to stop choosing their shareholders over American consumers. She also cosponsored the Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act, which would prevent Big Oil from exploiting consumers and lower prices at the pump.

Marilyn has also worked to enhance and strengthen our energy grid so we aren’t as reliant on fossil fuels. She helped secure over $70 million to build out the electric vehicle infrastructure in Washington State and is a cosponsor of the GREEN Act, which would extend tax credits for purchasing electric vehicles to make them more accessible to lower and middle-income families.